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Bartending Class Curriculum

American Bartending School Class Curriculum

Guaranteed job placement available for our grads. The industry is growing and continues to increase with the need for bartending professionals in the upcoming  years.

Let our Palm Springs  Bartending School help you learn the skills needed to work in this exciting career.

Since 1969, American Bartending School is the leading School in the Palm Desert.  We are specialists in preparing our students for their Bartending Certification and to teach them  the skills to enter the world as a professional bartender.

In our hands on curriculum we teach you how to mix, pour, serve the popular drinks and cocktails as well as customer service, bar set up and other hospitality skill basics needed to work full or part-time as a professional bartender. Our behind the bar is a  complete 2 week training program and designed for students who have no bartending background or experience. 

Once the 2 week course is completed, students will be ready to apply for jobs as professional bartenders. Graduate will receive their bartender certification and be ready to apply to bars, lounges, restaurants, hotels private parties or anywhere a bartender is employed.

For a one time flat price and 2 weeks of study, you will learn:

  • How to mix and serve popular and traditional cocktails
  •  The basics of wines and liquors
  •  How to cut fruit for drink garnishes
  •  The ins and outs of customer service
  •  Includes an alcohol awareness video
  •  A final exam to get your Certificate of Completion
  •  Free Refresher Courses and Lifetime Job Placement Assistance
  • Guaranteed Job Placement Assistance

Course Material Includes:

  • Familiarize students with behind the bar
  • Hygiene and Sanitation
  • Standard restaurant & bar procedures
  • Introduction and use of the tools of the trade
  • Standard industry bar terminology
  • Hands on behind the bar training of mixing and pouring popular drinks and cocktails
  • Learn how to Garnish drinks and cocktails
  • Standard beer and wine instruction
  • Tips and methods on How To Increase Your Tips
  • Industry customer service standards
  • How to serve drinks and cocktails responsibly
  • Food & beverage industry practices
  • Work with bar equipment and tools
  • Shift set-up and break-down
  • Free pouring and Mixology
  • Learn how to garnish drinks
  • Liquor and wine information
  • Responsible bartending
  • Private party bartending jobs