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Why Bartending School is Important

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Starting a bartending career can be quite tricky. In addition to having the unique ability to deliver excellent customer service, you also need a certain level of knowledge and skills to survive in a highly competitive job market. Compared to decades ago, bartending has evolved into a more serious and specialized profession that not just anybody can occupy the position of a bartender. Bartenders now have much more job requirements and expectations to succeed at the job.

Before taking up a job as a bartender, to get the needed skills and knowledge, attending a bartending school may be in order and the knowledge gained could be of immense help to you when you want to kick start your bartending career. The truth is, you do not even need to plan to work as a bartender; you just might be interested in having some knowledge about creating cocktails. It could be to impress your friends or a new boss or investor. Bartending whether professionally or as a hobby could be exciting and profitable and it requires practical skills. So, why is it important to go to a bartending school to start your bartending career?

  1. Learn an exciting new skill

Bartending may seem simple when you look at it from a distance, but it requires having a broad set of skills to be a great bartender. Having the best people skills and knowledge, knowing some cocktail techniques and recipes, knowing about spirits and having the best hosting skills are some of the skills you will need to master to be a successful bartender.

  1. Meet new people with similar interests

By offering a bartending course, it means you are interested in becoming a bartender and would like to get the knowledge you need to be successful at it. At a bartending school, you will meet several other people who have the same interests as you are. These people can be beneficial to your network, and you also get to make friends that you can keep for life.

  1. You get to learn from the basics up.

Going to a bartending school is the best way for you to gain bartending knowledge from scratch and basics. If you have never been exposed to the bartending world before, it will be helpful to learn the ropes in an organized school setting. Trying to learn all there is to learn about bartending could really be a lot of work especially learning bartending lingo and terms.

But at a bartending school, you will be taught all the basics within a definite period, and you will get a crash course alcohol, spirit and bar tools. Some programs also teach the invaluable skill of keeping customers happy and satisfied which is the ultimate goal of every successful bartender.

Make sure you find a bartending school that offers a program that suits your needs and sets you up for the challenge ahead.

  1. You get to learn from a professional

Not everybody can learn on their own and bartending especially is a skill that requires a hands-on tutelage from a professional. Watching videos on YouTube and downloading bartending E-books are not the same as being in a proper class environment.

  1. Gain Confidence

At a bartending school, you will be taught all the skills you need to work at the bar. Even though you will not become a professional immediately, you will learn how to be comfortable, and then you will continue developing a time goes on.

  1. Tap into the school’s network.

Go to a bartending school that has a good reputation so that you can tap into their extensive network. You can get connected to the school’s network, get linked to job opportunities and happenings in the industry.

  1. You will get duly accredited.

At a bartending school, you will receive a certificate as proof of being qualified for the course that you studied. This certificate will also be added to your resume and can boost your chances when seeking employment. The certificate serves as proof that you indeed put in the efforts and time to properly get educated as a professional bartender.

Some bars do not hire a bartender who did not receive formal training, and if the bartending school you attended is recognized globally, it means you will be able to work as a bartender anywhere in the world.

  1. Set yourself apart at interviews.

Interviewers are more likely to take you more seriously than other candidates simply because you have taken the extra step of investing in yourself and taking the time to learn how to be a professional bartender. Although it does not guarantee becoming a successful bartender, it does increase your chances for consideration.

  1. Get exposed to the updated and relevant skills

A bartending course provides you with the latest information, practices, and techniques within a short time. You may not get access to this information on your own. You also get exposed to professional workstations before the completion of your course to put some those skills to use. Most bars may not give you the resources to practice cocktail recipes extensively or practice how to pour drinks. Your bartending school offers you the opportunity to practice before you go into the real world.

  1. Learn without pressure

A good bartending school provides a conducive environment for students to learn and practice safely. Being able to learn without feeling pressured is one of the ways to learn effectively. Working as a bartender comes with a lot of pressure and may not be the best environment for everyone to learn. If you, therefore, get a more inspiring environment to learn without pressure, it’s all the better for you.

Going to a bartending school offers you the opportunity to learn all there is about the bartending profession outside of a real bar. You get to learn step by step, sequentially and at your pace. You can make mistakes and learn from them so that you do not repeat them at a real bar.